St Georges Hall

“St George’s Hall has been delighted to host the inspirational and vibrant work of the artist Bonnie Cummins and her exhibition based on the Lusitania.  The emotional attachment that Bonnie has been able to provide in such a dynamic and thought provoking way in her paintings and displays of the Lusitania have found their spiritual home in the “engine room” that are the galleries of St George’s Hall. The galleries have only recently been converted to exhibition space after spending the majority of their life span of 166 years as backroom spaces and left quite neglected. Although there have been up to fifty exhibitions and displays in the new spaces Bonnie’s artwork has truly raised the bar for future exhibitions and has been able to lift the hall and its galleries into the principal city exhibition spaces they truly deserve to be!” Alan Smith The manager St Georges Hall Liverpool. May 2015


White hawk Primary School


“Bonny has an unusual ability to encourage and support all sorts of people to become engaged in the Artistic process. To produce interesting work of a high standard. It would be difficult to find a more enthusiastic artist to plan, develop and carry out workshops, which engage and inspire both adults and children. “Brenda Fygg Wyld , Senior management

White hawk Primary School


                                                        Welles borne Health Centre Brighton


“This project could not have been achieved in the timescale, to the exacting standards of both resulting artwork and of the venue concerned without the work of the most patient dedicated and highly professional community artist.


Bonny Cummins delivered this project, on time, to budget and exceeding its targets for community involvement and engagement (all whilst also working on several other major commissions.)”Graham Allen Community Arts Development Officer Brighton


The Amex Stadium

3 Galleries of Bonny’s work



“Bonny’s work far exceeded our expectations” Richard Hebberd Operations manager for Amex Stadium, Brighton.